Saturday, February 21, 2009

Way to Long!!- February 21, 2009

Well, I really didn't think it would take me this long to keep everyone up to date! Life just seems to be flying by and my time... well that is another story that I will fill you in on later in my post. 

Jackson is growing up so fast! After his surgery we have seen a remarkable difference in his speech, breathing, drooling and personality. It is like he all of a sudden has a lot of  new confidence. So things with him are going great. He is loving school and even though he is the baby in the class his CL teachers feel that there isn't a difference anymore! He still is loving all of the dinosaurs, trucks, heavy machinery and animals. He knows how to say more dinosaur names than I do and can tell them apart! The other day we were driving on the highway for our weekly Friday lunch with Daddy, when Jackson said " What's that Mommy?" I said it was a "digger" and Jackson replied.. "No Mommy that is an excavator!!" I laughed to myself, but was very proud! I quickly realized I needed to start studying up on the different machines out there! ha. 

Lately, We have been going to the rodeo a lot! Even though Jackson seems young we deceided he probably would enjoy it too!  He has truly enjoyed every minute of it! His favorite has been the bull riding, bronc riding and superman jumping castle!!! When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he now says a Bull Rider! I will have to really think about that! =) 

One of my new favorite activities, is watching my two babies play together! I never would have thought that it would work this early on! They LOVE it! Harton truly loves her brother and he loves her in return! He calls her "Sweetie, Sweethart, Sweet Girl, and Hart" It has been such a rewarding experience to see the two people (besides my precious husband) I love the most in this world play so well together and enjoy each other's company. 

Harton is doing so well! I can't believe she is going to be a year old next month! WHERE HAS TIME GONE!!! She is crawling all over the place and can even play hide n seek and chase with her big brother! I have never heard her laugh so hard! She has taken a few steps on her own and really is so ready to walk! I think it is any minute.. but I am not working with her on it, because we aren't quite ready! haha.. I need another month or two! =) Her personality makes me smile. She says "hi" and "bye bye" and smiles so big when she is happy! She is truly enjoying all of her new "people" foods and is the most amazing sleeper ever!  She also loves to go shopping with me! She is a people person.. I question where she got that! haha.. She is a flirt and loves to be outside! We feel truly blessed!

Dave, has a new job that he is really liking! He is now doing something he really loves and is in the group where he has wanted to be all along! What a gift from God! He is now working in Business Development and enjoying it very much! He is the best daddy! I am so thankful that he hurries home every night so that he can spend the evening with his babes before they go to bed! Jackson now doesn't  want anyone to put him to sleep but Daddy! What a joy that is! 

My life has gotten so crazy lately.. but in a good way! Besides being a mom and a wife, my two priorities in life... I have taken on a few side jobs... I am working for Dave's dad part time doing Sales marketing calls. I am really enjoying it! I have met alot of really neat musicians and enjoy my quirky conversations I have with them daily. I am also working for my Dad as his interior decorator for his new house! I am loving it as well and enjoying the idea that I am fulfilling my decorating habit on someone elses dime! =) Thanks dad! And last but not least... I am helping my dearest boy-friend start a non-profit here in San Antonio. It is called, Young Texans Against Cancer. Dallas, Houston and Austin already have established Chapters and it is truly such a dream to help bring it to San Antonio.

When my sweet friend asked me to consider being on the board as the social chair.. I had to think about it! I was worried it would take away time from my babes and Daveo and I didn't know if I was ready for that! I knew I had hours in my day where my kiddos would sleep.. but did I have enough time in my day to do all that I already said I would do? I told him I would pray about it.. Two weeks later... I told him that I was meant to be his person! It has been the most rewarding thing ever!! This job is fulfilling a void, I really knew I needed to fill.. and that was making a difference in the community! My precious friend lost his dad to cancer last week! My heart really has been so heavy! I have found that I cry often when thinking about his life and the role he played in not only Brent's life.. but all of ours! He was the most amazing man and will be so dearly missed! Even though this has been a really heartbreaking time.. it has just fired me up that much more to make a difference. We are hosting our first Membership Drive 2009, March 31st at the world renowned Buckhorn Saloon! I can't wait for our big event to happen! 

I will promise to update more often! We are all doing so good and feel truly blessed with all of the joys in our hearts and lives! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Day Back- December 9, 2008

Quick Update:
Jackson had his first day back at school. He had a wonderful time and felt good the whole morning! We are so truly thankful that all of this is behind us! Thanks for the sweet messages, dinners, calls and encouragement! We love yall! xo

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Day- December 8, 2008

We decided to keep our little buddy home again today! I think one more day and he will be almost back to 100%! He has truly been a trooper through all of this! Dave and I have had two good nights of sleep because Jackson has been back to sleeping through the night! He is even back to waking up at his normal 8:00-8:30! YEA! I would say the hardest part still is the morning after a long night without any tylenol. I can't even imagine would our little boy has been going through but he sure is tough! We are so thankful this is behind us and are really ready to get him back to school and to his normal playful self again! As Hart and Jackson watched Football with Daddy on Saturday Jackson really wanted to put on Daddy's helmet from his years playing College Football! Here are a few shots just to interpret the fun times Jackson has thinking about being a football player himself! I hope everyone has a wonderful start to this wonderful week and feels the blessing of Jesus Christ during this time of year! We surely have! What a blessing it is! xo

Friday, December 5, 2008

For the Love of Jewels- December 5, 2008

On the silly side! My blessing of a little girl, a best friend and shopping buddy!

Why is it that little girls love jewels... now I know that Jackson noticed things when he was Hart's age.. but it was never the intense stare and studying that his sister does! Are we born with a love for jewelry..? Earlier today, I was holding Hart and looking into the mirror, now I have noticed this before but today made me think.. she was really analyzing my earrings! She would giggle and smile and then play with them. She would get really close and stare at what the little jewels were hanging off of my hoop earrings.. I started to laugh back at her! Was she really enjoying what I had on or was it just something shinny and fun for her to see..? Do all girls love jewelry?  If my little girl is related to me she is bound to love them!! I am truly so thankful for me new best-friend and shopping buddy! I am already looking forward to the day that we get to go get our nails done together for a fun little afternoon outing! I have been truly blessed! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dave's Cull Buck! Thanksgiving Weekend

Great first Buck for Daveo! We loved our time with our immediate family! Thanks L for all of the help with the babes!! 

Thanksgiving at the Lake and Ranch with our Precious Family!

We have been blessed with an abnormally close family! We love spending all the time in the world with them but especially during the holidays! Getting all of the cousins together is truly such a joy! After a fun time at the lake with the whole George clan we headed to the ranch to hunt and hang out in the hill country! Here are our pictures from our fun times together! Enjoy! xo

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grateful! December 3, 2008

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post after Thanksgiving! So much has been going on lately with Jackson's surgery that I haven't had a chance to write! I will jump ahead and write about the many answered prayers that we have seen lately and how God truly is so faithful! Maybe tomorrow during nap time I will be able to post Thanksgiving pictures and write about the fun time we had with our precious family full of cousins! Jane, Margaret, Claire and Gray! 

As most of you guys know... our sweet little boy had his tonsils and adenoids taken out yesterday (Tuesday, December 2nd) and tubes put in his ears. It was a very emotional morning for us all but as I lay here tonight I am truly thankful for the day we had yesterday! It was a day to truly rejoice in the Lord for all that he has done! 

I had been praying about our decision from the day we found out that this surgery needed to take place. Was it the right thing to do for our little boy and would it truly make him better! God truly answered that prayer Tuesday morning the second Dr. Bonilla stepped out of the operating room and told us that he hadn't seen adenoids the size of Jackson's in a very long time if ever. I really couldn't believe it! He said that they were blocking his nasal passage way and that it was likely that Jackson never was able to breathe through his nose! I was amazed! The good Lord had confirmed that this was the right thing to do! I am forever grateful!! 

The preparation... 

It all started Monday.. We decided it was a good idea to keep Jackson home from school and let him have a day to pal around with me! I was excited too as I knew this was going to be a day that we could hang out and enjoy our time together! Our first stop was our Vet to pay our pet sitter for her time watching the dogs and cats while we were away.. Jackson was alittle disappointed that it wasn't a true pet store so I told him we would go visit the pets at Petsmart after we went to make a return to Hobby Lobby. Here is where the whole week became totally obvious it was in God's hands. We were standing in line and Jackson was looking at the food stand at the checkout and asked for some pretzels.. Normally when he asks for things at checkout I ignore him, but this time he really needed to have alot of snacks and big meals before his surgery so I said ok. The precious girl behind me said that he was so cute and we started talking about what was in store for the next day. To make a long story short she asked me what hospital he was having his surgery and I told her and it ended up that she was a RN on the Children's Surgical floor @ Children's Methodist. I couldn't believe it. She was going to be there on Wednesday. I knew God was protecting me with opening my eyes to this girl. After walking out of Hobby Lobby totally amazed at the coincidence, we got in our car to go to PetSmart. Then we had a lunch date planned with daddy, and Jackson got to choose where he wanted to go! Longhorn Cafe for a cheeseburger! He was so happy. 

Another worry that I lifted up in prayer was that I was so worried about Jackson being hungary and thirsty the next morning since his surgery wasn't until 11:30. We decieded to order pizza for dinner the night before knowing he loves pizza.. To our surprise he ate 3 whole slices, 2 cinna sticks, string cheese, glass of milk and his apple juice! We were so thankfully shocked! After a good night sleep the next morning couldn't have been more perfect. Jackson never mentioned food or drink. It didn't even phase him! He was still so full from his big dinner that it didn't even bother him! What a blessing! 

We got to the hospital were he held Dave and my hands walking in so happily! Little did he know what really was about to happen! He slipped into his gown and loved all of the dinosaur paraphernalia everywhere!! He played in the playroom until his precious nurses came to get him! It was a good start. I held back my tears... until the time came.. I had to say my I love yous. I was praying that Dave could hang in there too! As Daddy walked my little boy into the OR the tears started flowing! I knew he was in good hands and I knew this was the right decision! The wait wasn't long before Dr. Bonilla came out! Dave and I patiently waited for our time in the recovery room with our little boy!

After Surgery Jackson slept through the first couple of hours and then was ready for a popsicle! Truly the first words out of his mouth! "Popsicle Please"! Haha.. He enjoyed 8 of them! 5 cups of Jello, 1 apple sauce, chicken noodle soup and apple juice! The nurses were amazed with his appetite and his ability to get so much down so easily! He played in the playroom and we took strolls around the nurses station multiple times saying hi to all of Jackson's new friends! (the nursing staff and doctors)

His sweet Daddy wanted to be the one to stay with Jackson in the hospital! It was a good night and a great day! We will continue to pray for a quick recovery so our little boy will hurry back to his normal precious self! We are so thankful for all of our friends and family who have been with us these few days! and for all of the messages!! xox